Develop media and public outreach to take place in September

Reach out to the local media or respond to reporter’s calls and suggest articles on school attendance and what your organization or community is doing to reduce absenteeism.

Op-eds and blogs. Compose a commentary stressing the importance of attendance and the role a school or community is playing to reduce absenteeism. If you can’t sell it as an op-ed piece, shorten it and offer it as a guest blog or a letter to the editor. Remember TV and radio stations allow on- air commentaries.

Social Media. Post 30 tweets and Facebook entries about attendance data — one for every day in September. Use our hashtag: #schooleveryday and we’ll retweet.

Public Service Announcements. We expect national partners to develop PSAs that will run on broadcast networks, but communities can develop their own announcements cheaply and easily.

Public Television. Local stations are often willing to partner with community initiatives. Contact your station and ask for support.

Webinars. The Attendance Awareness Campaign is planning five webinars this year to prepare schools and communities. The 2016 webinar series will be aimed at inspiring action by sharing success stories as well as introducing our online tools. The first webinar “Motivating Good Attendance All Year Long,” will take place on April 12. Additional webinars are planned for May 17 (Painting a Portrait of Chronic Absenteeism), August 16 (Taking A Cross Sector Approach), September 8 (Understanding and Addressing Attendance Gaps), and November 1 (Reviewing and Sustaining Progress). Click here to sign up to participate