How Can We Measure the Impact of our Attendance Awareness Month Activities?

AAC Logo 2016-03Crunch The Numbers

If your district doesn’t already know, determine the current baseline of chronic absence as well as average daily attendance so you can identify whether your activities have an impact on improving student attendance over the school year. Go here for free tools to help calculate chronic absence.  If you haven’t crunched your chronic absence data, you can start by looking at how much average daily attendance improves—though it is important to recognize that average daily attendance might mask high levels of chronic absence.

Develop your own metrics for monitoring implementation

How many parents did you reach? How many students participated in contests? How many teachers report that students are more motivated to attend school regularly? There are many quantitative and qualitative measures to evaluate your success and get feedback on how your efforts could be improved.

Let us know what you’re doing!

We’re asking all schools and districts, community partners and agencies to Share Your Story detailing how you engaged people in your community around school attendance. Send us your photos, videos, and stories  for a chance to be featured on the Attendance Awareness Campaign website, in the AAC newsletter or in a tweet or on our Facebook page.