How Can We Deliver the Message?


As schools and communities develop and implement plans for addressing the impacts from disrupted learning, putting in place messaging that builds relationships and encourages attendance is critical. Everyone can work together to offer positive messaging to help students and families feel a sense of belonging and realize that daily attendance is key to reaching their dreams of a successful future.

The message we must deliver is that daily attendance matters, at every grade level. School offers opportunities to learn, to build relationships with peers and adults and to develop skills such as listening, problem-solving and self-regulation, all which are needed to grow and learn. Research shows that two to four missed days in the first month of school can predict chronic absence throughout the year.

Here are two key steps for messaging about good attendance. Click on the one that interests you for tips and resources.

  1. Incorporate information about attendance into daily interactions with families
    Families are essential to ensuring good attendance, and not all are aware of the adverse impact of missing school. Keep in mind that attendance is an early indicator of engagement or disengagement from school.
  2. Attendance incentives and contests
    The opening of school is an excellent time to make sure an existing system recognizes good and improved attendance, not perfect attendance.
  3. Host Special Events
    Back-to-school nights, assemblies, teacher conferences and special exhibits all provide opportunities to educate families about the value of regular attendance.
  4. Develop media and public outreach to take place in September.


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