We are deeply thankful to our Attendance Awareness Campaign corporate sponsors for their commitment to help ensure that every child is in school every day, has access to a quality education and an opportunity to achieve their full potential. Their investment makes it possible for us to provide you with free strategies and materials!

Corporate Sponsors


EveryDay Labs

EveryDay Labs provides innovative, evidence-based attendance solutions that unite behavioral science, data science, and family engagement to improve attendance and transform student outcomes. It accomplishes this by making information, resources, and learning opportunities more accessible by removing barriers that prevent families and students from accessing supports.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente’s Thriving Schools brings together extensive health care expertise and partnerships with nationally recognized and trusted organizations to support schools in becoming a beacon of health in their community.

RaaWee K12 provides a highly robust collaboration platform where school districts implement best practices for tracking students’ attendance and managing interventions.


School Technology Associates, Inc.
Automate Your Day: School Technology provides a wide range of Skyward integrated hardware and software solutions that specifically meet the unique needs of K12 education.