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Download graphics and sample tweets to share on your social media pages.

Facebook Cover Image

Use this cover photo to display on your Facebook page to help spread the word about the Attendance Awareness Campaign and show your participation. Download it now.

Social Media Images

Share these images on Facebook now: New for 2019! We Belong in School



Download Attendance Works graphics, and Attendance Works We Belong in School! graphics, to share on your Twitter Feed, Instagram or Pinterest page:
  1. Click the link to download the zipped folder
  2. Unzip the zipped folder by double clicking (if your computer does not automatically do it)
  3. Save the files to your desktop or in whichever location you choose
  4. On your Facebook page or Twitter feed, where you would write a status, click the camera icon
  5. When prompted, find and select the  graphic you want to post


Select graphics now in Spanish. Click here to download all Spanish graphics.


Sample Posts

Below are some sample tweets and Facebook posts you can use to promote the Attendance Awareness Campaign.
Sample tweets and Facebook posts in Spanish


good_habitWe’re getting ready for the Attendance Awareness Campaign. How about you? #schooleveryday [TWEET THIS NOW]

Attendance Awareness Campaign comes in September. Planning starts now: #schooleveryday [TWEET THIS NOW]

We’re building good attendance habits in our schools. How about you? #schooleveryday [TWEET THIS NOW]

Sometimes good attendance is simply a matter of good health: #schooleveryday [TWEET THIS NOW]

Addressing childhood asthma can help improve attendance & achievement: #schooleveryday [TWEET THIS NOW]

AAM_Memes2015-habit-formingGood attendance in preK & K builds academic & social skills for the future: #schooleveryday [TWEET THIS NOW]

Kids who miss too much school in PreK & K are less likely to be @readingby3rd: #schooleveryday [TWEET THIS NOW]

AAM_Memes2015-absenteeismIf we’re going to reduce the dropout rate, we need to reduce absenteeism: #schooleveryday [TWEET THIS NOW]

Students who are chronically absent in 6th grade are 75% more likely than their peers to dropout of high school: #schooleveryday [TWEET THIS NOW]

A student who is chronically absent in high school is 7.4X more likely to dropout: #schooleveryday [TWEET THIS NOW]




2016_AAM-know-someone-caresAt least 8 million students miss 10% of the school year nationwide. Let’s help all students be in #SchoolEveryDay [TWEET THIS]

ESSA requires all states to report on #chronicabsence. What can we do with this data to help every Ss be in #SchoolEveryDay? Find out: [TWEET THIS]

Under #ESSA the vast majority of states (36 plus D.C.) adopted a chronic absence school accountability metric in their state plans. How can schools reduce chronic absence? Find out: [TWEET THIS]

For students in low-income communities, chronic absence in kindergarten = lower academic achievement through 5th grade. #SchoolEveryDay [TWEET THIS]


Chronic absence affects all kids, not just the absent ones. Learn how to get kids in #SchoolEveryDay here: [TWEET THIS]

Let’s help students build a habit of good attendance early & often: #schooleveryday [TWEET THIS NOW]

Students who miss too much school score lower on @NAEP_NCES tests in every state and city tested #SchoolEveryDay [TWEET THIS NOW]



Quality mentoring can be leveraged as a strategy to improve attendance & academic achievement #schooleveryday [TWEET THIS]

Students who meet with a #mentor regularly make better choices in school & life #schooleveryday [TWEET THIS]

A quality #mentoring program strengthens school-wide strategies to boost attendance in #schooleveryday Be a mentor! [TWEET THIS]

Students who meet regularly with their mentors are 37% less likely than their peers to skip a class #schooleveryday [TWEET THIS]





Download more Tweets and Facebook posts here.