In Appreciation of our Corporate Sponsors

We would like to offer a special thank you! to our Attendance Awareness Campaign corporate sponsors: EveryDay Labs, French Toast and Kaiser Permanente. Our work to bring free resources to schools, districts and states across the country is not possible without the support of our donors.

EveryDay Labs

French Toast

 Kaiser Permanente


We know that regular attendance and participation, during any grade level, provides students an opportunity to learn and to reach for their dreams. And we’re delighted with the progress we’ve made through the Attendance Awareness Campaign in helping schools and districts raise awareness about the importance of engaging families and students during the pandemic. We’re proud of the effort made by every educator to promote strong attendance.

The education challenges of the pandemic have required us to rethink what constitutes attendance. We have revisited how we promote attendance, how we monitor it, and how we use the data and insights we gather to rebuild a stronger, more responsive public education system.

Our corporate sponsors have helped to make this all of this possible.

We thank you!




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