May 8 Webinar: Working Together Matters

Consider Watching With a Group!

We hope you’ve already registered for our May 8 webinar, Team Up for Attendance, Working Together Matters. In this webinar we are highlighting some of the key lessons learned by those who have already developed attendance teams with school and community partners. We are encouraging schools and communities across the country to apply these approaches.

(We’ve posted the webinar recording, PowerPoint presentations and discussion guide on our Webinars page.)

If you’ve registered, consider turning the webinar into an opportunity to connect educators with community partners. In the past, several communities have hosted webinar parties, projecting the slides on a big screen and then talking afterwards about how they can apply what they heard. It can work as a conference call, too.

You can host your event on the day of the webinar or later on when, the webinar recording and PowerPoint slides are available. Attendance Works will create a discussion guide for the webinar that will help you lead the conversation.

In Working Together Matters the speakers will address:

  • How schools in Antioch, California, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, developed effective school attendance teams using teachers and school staff, and which partners they recruited from the community to support their work.
  • How Children’s Aid National Center for Community Schools is using a three-tiered approach to address chronic absence, and how adding prevention and early intervention strategies helps more students overcome challenges to getting to school.
  • How a school in Antioch is using the Attendance Works Teaching Attendance Curriculum to develop whole school strategies to address chronic absence. This online program is designed to equip teachers and school support staff with an understanding of the issue, and the guidance and resources they need to reduce chronic absences in grades K-12.

Register here for the webinar, and don’t forget to sign up for our attendance updates and new resources.

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