Fighting Tardiness with Perfectly Punctual

Attendance Works and LearnLead’s Perfectly Punctual Campaign are pleased to announce a partnership that will allow more schools and communities access to materials and strategies for building good, on-time attendance habits starting in preschool.Punctual Pete

Now Perfectly Punctual will provide its materials and suggested strategies on its website and the Attendance Works site for broad distribution at no cost.

For years, Perfectly Punctual has helped engage children and families in the importance of showing up to school on time every day. Kids fill out an attendance scorecard every day: circling a star when they’re on time or a rushing clock when they’re tardy. If they’re absent, they circle a sad face the next time they’re in school.

Children wear buttons or stickers with the iconic “Punctual Pete” when they arrive on time. At the end of the week, the scorecard goes home so that parents can reflect on the week’s attendance. Parents and children are regularly recognized for getting to school on time every day.

The simple strategy has paid dividends for preschools and schools in Washington, DC; Baltimore, Delray Beach, Florida, and Marshalltown, Iowa.

Read the Attendance Works blog for more details.

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