Stay Tuned for Launch of Attendance Awareness Campaign 2020!

Connecting with students and families is more important than ever

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold in the U.S., we recognize that our communities, schools, families and students face unprecedented challenges.

At Attendance Works, we are committed to doing everything we can to offer resources and materials that help respond to this rapidly changing reality. As a result we’ve postponed the launch of the Attendance Awareness Campaign 2020, and cancelled the March 25 Attendance Awareness Campaign kickoff webinar, Creating Meaningful Solutions Together.

We’ve developed two new webinars that will offer emerging practices and policies to help reduce the impact of COVID-19 on students and families, especially those living in low-income communities. Find out about the webinars below.

More importantly, we believe that holding the AAC in 2020 will be more helpful than ever. At some point, students will be headed back to school buildings. When that happens, educators and communities will need our tools and strategies for partnering with students and families to re-establish the routine of getting to class. We will be spending the next few weeks revising our materials to reflect this new reality. Stay tuned for a new date for the kick-off the 2020 AAC!

Find a variety of links to resources about COVID-19 for educators on our Attendance Works website. And read our blog post encouraging educators to reach out to students and families, with tips and links to resources.

Here’s the info about our two new upcoming webinars:

  • Thursday, April 9, 2020: 11am PT / 2pm ET. Data + Relationships Can Strengthen Your School’s Response to COVID-19. This webinar developed with the National Association of Elementary School Principals will show how principals can team up with staff to promote positive conditions of learning — ensuring students and families are physically and emotionally healthy, feel a sense of connection and belonging, and are academically engaged — even in a remote or virtual learning environment.
    Register here!

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Join @attendanceworks, @NAESP for an April 9th webinar 2:00 pm ET to hear how Principals can team up with staff to promote positive conditions of learning while families shelter at home. Register today!
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  • Tuesday, April 14, 2020: 11am PT / 2pm ET. Reducing the Adverse Impact of the Coronavirus on Students and Families. This webinar with Healthy Schools Campaign and the Institute for Educational Leadership will offer strategies that emphasize family and student connection, promote physical and behavioral health and leverage the power of community schools.
    Register here!

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Join @attendanceworks @healthyschools @IELconnects for a 2pm ET April 14th webinar. Hear strategies that ensure Ss & families are supported & engaged while school buildings are shut. Learn how existing data can help! Register #SchoolEveryDay #COVID19

Stay safe and healthy.

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