Are you ready for September?

Attendance Awareness Month starts next week —Tuesday, Sept. 1. Are you ready?

We’ve heard from so many schools and communities about what they’re doing. If you haven’t signaled your involvement yet, here’s what you can do.

  1. Post on the Attendance Action Map: We’ve got about 200 pins now but would love to see more. This is an easy way to alert us to what you’re doing. West Virginia got off to a strong start with more than 20 communities posting. California has now taken the lead, but schools and communities can pin until Oct. 1.
  2. Share your proclamations: We’re keeping a tally of school boards, city councils, county commissions and elected leaders who are issuing Attendance Awareness Month proclamations. Florida has five posted already. Share news and photos of your proclamation with
  3. Urge local superintendents to sign up our Call to Action. If your school leadership changed, make sure the new superintendent is still on board. Kudos to Georgia, which has gone from O to 14 names listed in the past two weeks. This year we’re featuring the superintendents on the Call to Action in an ad that will run the last week of September in Education Week. We need names by mid September.
  4. Tweet post and pin on social media. We’ve got some memes and prewritten tweets on the website, or create your own using the hashtag #schooleveryday. We’d love your help promoting our Mapping the Early Attendance Gap brief we’re releasing with the Healthy Schools Campaign on Sept. 1. We’ll share social media posts and a live link on Monday.
  5. Join our Mapping the Gap webinar on Sept. 9. Our final Attendance Awareness Month webinar expands on our brief about attendance gaps and features a panel of state leaders talking about how they are addressing chronic absence in their states. Don’t miss it.

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